Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Links of the day] 27/01/2016: Companies mortality study, Google Vote, FP7 stats

  • Google Votes : A Liquid Democracy Experiment on a Corporate Social Network ( G+). Looks at how we could use direct vote, delegated vote in order to scale democracy without diluting its value.
  • The mortality of companies : detailed study that yield a surprising result. First that the mortality of publicly traded company is not age dependent. Which implies that regardless on how old your IPO is, your company has the same chance to succumb to the assault of the market. Moreover, the research suggests that at each stage of a firm's life cycle there is a similar probability to being acquired. But one thing that pops up is that size at birth (IPO) has a clear positive correlation with lifespan.
  • FP7 stats : if you want to have a glimpse of how EU research funding is spent, here you go. Note that some institution and SME are really racking in the money with 7 of those getting more than 10 Millions in funding.

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