Friday, January 22, 2016

[links of the day] 22/01/2016: Immutable architecture, Google opensource dataflow, platform design toolkit 2.0

Dataflow : I talked before about google dataflow project, now they are aiming to opensource it under apache license. This is great, and help growth as significant validate the ecosystem built for "bigdata" (hate that term) under the apache umbrella.
Immutability Changes Everything : Immutable all the things ! excellent ACM article providing a glimpse of the patterns used by the rising tide of immutable architecture and technology. Adopting such approach and technology, like any different architecture model, requires some effort to adapt and has some inherent cost. However, as outlined in the article, it can deliver tremendous advantage.
Platform Design Toolkit 2.0  : a set of design thinking and system modeling tools to design digital and non digital Platforms as a tool for firms to access the power that lies in ecosystems and reach objectives way beyond their boundaries.

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