Monday, January 18, 2016

[Links of the day] 18/01/2016 : Post quantum crypto, ARM virtualization, Scalable C

  • Post-quantum key agreement : First, 99% of people out their do not use encryption correctly, so you should not be worried about post quantum crypto because you are not protecting yourself in the pre-quantum era. Now if you are part of the 1%, bad news you key size just jump from a couple of Kbytes to Mbytes (and maybe GB)... Very good read explaining the challenges ahead and existing gap of crypto solution in the upcoming post quantum era.
  • ARM virtualization extensions : In depth look at the ARM virtualization feature. Maybe we can see a glimpse of what can be done with the AMD ARM server push. 
  • Scalable C : book on how to make C scalable by the founder of ZeroMQ. Some good things, some bad one, a lot of grief toward C++. I personally love the C language but sometimes pitting one language against another doesn't help without context. Pick the tools that suits best and sometimes yes it means picking the one that makes collaboration efficient rather than make the code efficient. 

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