Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Links of the day 25/08/2015 : #container conference ( #docker ), Hardware management interface standard , Computer System design

  • Redfish : Intel and other main player data center and systems management systems specification that aims to supply improved performance, functionality, scalability and security. Basically they are trying to sort out the IPMI and other ILO interface mess in order to offer a simple clean interface. Let's hope they achieve it. 
  • Hints for Computer System Design : nice presentation and discution on how how Lampson's hints can still be used, some thirty years later, to implement functionally accurate, high-performing fault-tolerant software systems.
  • Workshop on Containers 2015 (WoC) : some interesting bits in that conference, Obviously the performance comparison ( linked yesterday) but the lesson learned slides show a very interesting bit regarding containers. It seems that the cost of security group is quite heavy as you scale the number of VM / containers.

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