Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Links of the day 26/08/2015 : 3Dx point & SAP HANA , PCIe fabric, Hashmap for NVM

  • PCIe switch : after buying PLX avago is trying to ramp up the PCIe fabric business. The interesting bit will come up when it will start to compete against Intel omni path fabric. While PCIe fabric provide the advantage of direct device access and MR-IOV is really attractive a less HW and more Network oriented fabric might have certain advantage. Maybe we will start to see true heterogeneous Clos topology fabric in the future. PS: bonus patent for a PCIe fabric using non transparent bridge.
  • 3Dx point and SAP HANA : while the post in itself is not that interesting ( enable bigger better in memory system). The responses from Hasso Plattner to it show a rather puzzling perspective, it seems that there is a disconnection between the "marketing" and actual real use case. HANA can "theoretically" be deployed on massive machine but in reality you only need a third of that. Basically very , I repeat, VERY few (to no) companies need that type of specs. Maybe, if SAP started to offer modular HANA solution over their clouds, customers will finally avoid the massive headache that is sizing (and adopt the product more easily). By modular I mean at providing Memory re-sizing at runtime with pay for what memory you consume model. 
  • NVC-Hashmap : A Persistent and Concurrent Hashmap For Non-Volatile Memories

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