Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Links of the day 18/08/2015 : #RDMA fabric, #ReRAM NVDIMM, #Micron & 64bit dev problem

  • Congestion Control for Large-Scale RDMA Deployments : Microsoft Research paper demonstrating how they look at flow control in mixed use environment with RoCE. What's interesting is that it show that Microsoft start to heavily leverage RDMA in its data-center in order to deliver fast guaranteed performance especially in the storage domain.
  • ReRAM Storage Class Memory NVDIMM : Viking technology already had a Flash NVDIMM offer, but it seems they are expanding with the faster ReRAM type of tech. Probably in direct competition with 3DxPoint from Intel. I need to dig into the spec to see what are the trade-off between the different tech in term of cost/GB/Perf.
  • 64 bit program development forgotten problems : me bug you long long time.
  • Micron analyst presentation : interesting to see that the NB of datacenter customer represent is roughly equal to the number of enterprise one. Obviously we are at the tipping point where datacenter will clearly outtake enterprise in IT HW consumption following the natural shift from product to utility. Does that means that traditional storage vendor will be relegated to niche market in the future? 

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