Thursday, August 27, 2015

Links of the day 27/08/2015 : PCIe fabric, One Time SSH key and China ARM processor

  • Dolphin PCIe fabric : seems that the PCIe fabric is getting a lot of news recently, nice to see that we are reaching the 300 nanoseconds latency. While greater bandwidth and lower latency is really great this bring a certain amount of challenge as DRAM access time is still around 10-30 nanoseconds. Implying that if we the CPU needs to do anything with this data it only has ~250 nanoseconds to do so before moving to the next one. I wonder when we wills start to see event based GPGPU or FPGA approach in CPU in order to handle such performance. Maybe its time to move toward stream oriented CPU architecture ? 
  • One-Time SSH Keys : I like this concept, it allow the use of single-use key ready for connecting to untrusted system. With single-use keys, even if the key is compromised, it will have already been used, and would be of little use.
  • China ARM : Homegrown ARM v8 based cpu chips. Seems that the Chinese are getting serious in leveraging homegrown solution in the CPU field and especially HPC. From this expertise they hope to spin off in the scale out computing (high density, low power). Maybe the ARM server breakthrough will come from the Asian market? 

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