Friday, August 28, 2015

Links of the day 28/08/2015 : libfabric, IO visor and demoscene

  • IO visor : it seems that the effort from Plumgrid around eBPF are picking up speed and an official linux foundation project is been setup. However one must wonder how such solution will compete against the pure user space solution relying on DPDK and consort? You can find a more in depth slide deck of the concept [here].
  • Libfabric : Intel is announcing in grand pomp the "Open source" library supporting its Omni path fabric. However it is not other that the fantastic Lib fabric. This library offer a set of next-generation, community-driven, ultra-low latency networking APIs. The APIs are not tied to any particular networking hardware model, it support Infiniband / Iwarp, usNic from Cisco, OPA from intel What is interesting is that it goes one step further than the RDMA library while maintaining a good balance between low level tuning and high level program-ability. While the learning curve might be a little bit more steep compared to Accelio from Mellanox it delivers ( I think ) greater advantage and flexibility.
  • Winning 1kb intro : released at Assembly 2015, prepare to be amazed

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