Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Links of the day 12/08/2015 : #Google #Datacenter network, #Intel Omni-path Fabric and hardware x86 cpu security flaw

  • Memory sink hole : when x86 processors ancient (unused by now) feature bites back : it allows to move the memory window of the APIC registers to an arbitrary address. By moving this window, it is possible to circumvent built-in hardware security checks and access the highly privileged System Management Mode (Ring -2) from Ring 0 Code.
  • Google Datacenter Network : very good overview of the ONS keynote [video
  • Intel Omni-Path Architecture Webinar Series: very good overview of intel next gen fabric. Its really interesting how they place it directly in competition with infiniband. It seems that the PCI fabric fell completely off the radar and might stay stuck to niche solution.

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