Friday, August 21, 2015

Links of the day 21/08/2015: #kvmforum , Two laws, and NVMe transforming the Datacenter

  • KVM forum : slide deck of the 2015 KVM forum, some gems in there especially related to the real time efforts.
  • A tale of two laws : As Amdahl’s law and Moore’s law reach their 50th anniversaries, this paper review the roles they have played in shaping both perception and reality in high-performance computing. Along the way, it also attempt to clarify some misconceptions that have surrounded both of these highly influential but not always fully appreciated ‘‘laws.’’
  • NVM Express - The Data Center and Client Storage Transformation: Loads of good stuff from Intel IDF 2015, i ll be distilling it over the next week. But this one is particularly interesting talk by Intel and DSSD folks ( acquired by EMC recently). It show how the new tech is trying to cut the CPU out of the loop as much as possible and storage start to embrace Memory type transaction model ( RDMA ). To a certain extend storage is just being absorbed back into the overall memory model. The interesting bit is that because of the current performance limitation of flash couple with the fabric capabilities there is a very small overhead in using remote storage vs local one.

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