Monday, September 05, 2016

[Links of the day] 05/09/2016 : Neural Net Architectures, MIT 100 years of AI report, Queuing theory textbook

  • Neural Network Architectures : this article provide an overview of the evolution of the neural network architecture and the different breakthrough that lead us to the current deep learning approach. The authors provide detail overview of the deep learning architecture and the logic behind their evolution and implementation. 
  • One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100) : MIT report on AI, where does it fit and where it will be. This is a excellent high level overview of the implication of the current boom in machine learning, deep learning, agent, AI trend. This report presents insights in the impact of daily life and business. 
  • Introduction to Queueing Theory andStochastic Teletraffic Models : textbook providing everything you want to know about queuing theory. 

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