Friday, September 23, 2016

[Links of the day] 23/09/2016 : Intel's 3dxpoint vanishing performance, VLDB16, Core to Core HW queue engine

  • 3dxpoint performance evaporate : seems that Intel is heavily scaling back its xpoint NVM performance claim. From 1000x to 10x ( still good but a far cry from what was promised). It seems that Intel had to push the technology early in order to counter a potential acquisition of its partner, Micron, by a competitor. Announcing the technology surely propped the share price making an acquisition difficult. 
  • VLDB : very large databases 2016 proceedings are out. Sadly its one big zip file and didn't have time to go through it.
  • CAF : the authors propose a hardware core to core communication offloading engine. Providing an efficient queuing mechanism for transferring data between cores. I am not sure 100% of the value but the concept is interesting, let see if it catch on and if it can plays well in heterogeneous environment of today's datacenter. As core to core is slowly replaced with cored to GPU or core to FPGA or core to NVM.

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