Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[Links of the day] 14/09/2016 : Ethic in AI , Survey of fully homomorphic encryption, RDMA over Ethernet at scale at Microsoft

  • Ethical Preference-Based Decision SupportSystems : when AI and other autonomous agent start to be more ubiquitous in the human environment. As the decision of these systems will start to have a greater impact on our daily life, trust will need to be build and to achieve that these system will need that they are perceived to act in a moral and ethical way. 
  • A brief survey of Fully Homomorphic Encryption, computing on encrypted data : fully homomorphic encryption allow you to manipulate encripted data without decrypting it. This is great for database and other systems as it allow service to modify and update information without the need to know its content. Effectively partitioning operation from knowledge. However this comes at a cost (but its going down). Might finally end up with the security pipe dream where the data is immediately encrypted and is only manipulated in this form until it is finally consumed.
  • RDMA over Commodity Ethernet at Scale : It is interesting to see that RDMA start to slowly permeate hyper-scale data-center. However it is even more interesting to see that Microsoft decided to go for the RoCE version of it instead of infiniband. It make sens as there was a lot of investment in scaling the Ethernet for their cloud infrastructure and allow a lot of reuse and collocate normal and RDMA traffic on a single underlying fabric.

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