Monday, September 19, 2016

[Links of the day] 19/09/2016 : #AI bias, Incremental consistency , Customizable datacenter

  • Stuck in a Pattern : as predictive policing tools are being widely adopted in corporation and public organisation. There is little transparency as how these systems have been configured. It seems that the current set of software designed and deployed may reinforce discrimination and inequality under a veil of marketing publicizing intelligent solution. 
  • Incremental consistency guarantees : The authors propose a system that instead of providing a single "hard" consistent answer to a query a system that will provide multiple reply with incremental consistency guarantee albeit with incremental latency cost. This allow system to make decision based on their consistency requirement as well as performance needs. This is interesting as it would allow some application to take decision based on consistent enough information while being able to revise their decision if needed once receiving a higher level of consistency response.
  • Customizable Computing at Datacenter Scale : NAS 16 keynote , it seems that HPC and exascale system are slowly converging toward an hybrid model with heterogeneous resources, FPGA, GPGU , CPU , etc.. 

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