Wednesday, September 21, 2016

[Links of the day] 21/09/2016 : NAS 16 , cloud optical interconnect, Netmiko

  • NAS : 2016 networking, architecture and storage conference, selected papers: 
    • CircularCache : storage wide cache system using virtual queue mechanism for load balancing usage and performance accross the cluster.
    • Active Burst-Buffer : when storage is not fast enough you start to move your processing int he buffers to save time
  • Emerging Optical interconnect Technology for the Cloud : Finisar presentation , the largest fiber optic transceivers provider in the world, on the trend in cloud interconnect technology. Like HPC and other system its all about power / bits / seconds. Power decrease while bandwidth needs to increase. What is interesting is the impact of the topology used on the fabric requirement ( HPC vs hyperscale datacenter). What is impressive is that aggregate bandwidth doubles every 3 years but that cost per Gbps is lower for higher channels counts at the same point in time.
  • Netmiko : paramiko wrapper simplifying SSH connections to network device

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