Friday, September 16, 2016

[Links of the day] 16/09/2016 : Sigcomm 16 conference papers , Golang Numa scheduler, ICML videos

  • Sigcomm 2016 conference : schedule, paper and slides. I already mentioned Microsoft paper yesterday on RDMA at scale over Ethernet fabric. Here is a few more selected paper: 
    • Real-time Distributed MIMO Systems : MIT achieved the feat to create a distributed MIMO system operating across devices with independent clocks. This allow system to clearly maximize bandwidth usage while maintaining fairness. 
    • Globally Synchronized Time via Datacenter Networks : Authors proposed to use a hardware solution leveraging low level network fabric for maintaining synchronous clock across data-center. Basically they embed within the fabric extra information for maintaining coherent time. It allow a 200ns clock skew within a 6 hops data-center. Which is quite impressive even if it comes at the cost of requiring HW modification.
    • Evolve or Die: High-Availability Design Principles Drawn from Google's Network Infrastructure : Google approach to network infrastructure management and more specifically how they look at incident resolution and mitigate risk. The main goal of their effort described in this paper is to treat a change to the network as business as usual and not exceptional events.
  • Numa-aware scheduler for go : as machines get bigger, Numa optimization start to creep up as a requirement. Especially with language using garbage collection and automatic scheduling like go. This proposal show a possible approach for Golang to handle Numa setup.
  • ICML 2016 conference : international machine learning conference videos

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