Wednesday, October 05, 2016

[Links of the day] 05/10/2016 : SQL Scan using NVMe to GPU using P2P DMA , Strange Loop 2016, Secure Time Service

  • SSD-to-GPU Direct DMA : Interesting work where the author use p2p DMS to load data from NVMe to GPU. This bypass the RAM altogether. The objective is to accelerate PostgreSQL scan operation. This is really neat, but I am not sure that the SQL DB are the best choice of use case. I would have thought that columnar or K/V system would held better speedup potential because of the way the data is organised and processed. 
  • Strange Loop : all the video of strange loop 2016 conference. Way too many good talk to mention them all. Just check it out. 
  • RoughTime : secure time synchronization project. Everybody use time, but nobody mention clock attack. This project aim at alleviating this potential threat. So you know all your data is accurately fresh. 

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