Monday, October 17, 2016

[Links of the day] 17/10/2016 : MIT Tardis 2.0 Cache, TCP/IP FPGA stack , Knowledge Defined Networking

  • Tardis 2.0 : MIT people are back with optimized and extended version of their novel cache system. 
  • FPGA TCP/IP stack :  TCP/IP stack that can be embedded on FPGA along applications, this allow seamless flow of data without CPU interaction or reliance on other devices. You could do some neat in line processing of data flow using this. It support 10 Gbps and thousands of concurrent connections. [github]
  • Knowledge-Defined Networking : merging network analytics and software defined network by using machine learning. The objective is to enable automated network control.  To some extend we should replace the software is eating the world mantra with Machine learning is eating software one.  And closer than you think at least for SDN as there is an effort in Open daylight by Cisco and al. to push machine learning in the SDN framework.

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