Monday, October 31, 2016

[Links of the day] 31/10/2016 : AWS open guide, uncertainty in deep learning, Hacking Google interview

  • Amazon Web Services Open Guide : This is THE practical guide for anybody that use AWS. Really well constructed and easy to use guide for the majority of AWS services out there. 
  • Uncertainty in Deep Learning : Thesis looking into the probabilistic aspect of Bayesian network and how not everything is black and white in deep learning land. It seems that we need to  see an emergence of probabilistic programmation + deep learning hybrid in order to handle the new world of uncertainty that is opening up with the progress of AI research. [PhD Thesis]
  • Google Interview University : program to help you beat the google technical interview process. While this is excellent as a refresh course in basic computer science I would also recommend MIT course : hacking a google interview. When interview by google i almost got a carbon copy of the question in the MIT course.. Sadly the google interview process is, lets say, "abysmal" for senior people. They want you to go through this marathon of interview without providing you an idea of what you are applying or other informations.. 

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