Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[Links of the day] 19/10/2016 : #AI hard problems, Dark Silicon & Reliability , Transport Layer Dev Kit

  • Applied AI hard problems : current and future AI hard problem, the interesting bit is the "emergent" behavior aspect that computer scientist are trying to achieve. Where AI is not tailored for a specific problem by adapt to the environment it encounter. 
  • Dark silicon & Hardware Reliability : the authors look at the impact of the dark silicon approach ( when not all component are turned on when the system is up) and how to leverage the "dark" ratio to maximise lifespan of hardware. [slides]
  • TLDK : project lead by Intel within the framework. It is trying to adresse the lack of high level ( as in layer 4 ) packet processing capabilities. The project aim at delivering UDP/TCP etc.. packet processing on top of vector packet processing of (which can works on top of DPDK). By doing so Intel will be able to finally have a comprehensive framework which will enable DPDK based solution to flourish beyond the pure networking stack (NFV) solution.

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