Monday, October 10, 2016

[Links of the day] 10/10/2016 : k8s Stateful container App platform, Modern Bank Backend, Fast websocket & tcp server

  • : fast, secure and scalable websocket & tcp server for mobile, web & iot
  • SuperGiant : Application platform specializing in stateful container orchestration, based on Kubernetes
  • Building a Modern Bank Backend : Nothing much on the real detail, but it can be summarized: We took "classic" banking features and used a new stack to deliver it. The HN discussion is also worth checkking out. What is interesting is the discussion on Industrial vs open source software when it come to audit and security as well as reactivity. However what the authors of the discussion is that it often boil down to the blame game and emergency patch by industrial are NOT always thoroughly tested / audited / secured but you benefit from the insurance / SLA in case something goes wrong. [HN discussion]

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