Friday, October 07, 2016

[Links of the day] 07/10/2016 : Product Launch Checklist, Hashiconf 16, Startup Text Rpg

  • Product Launch Checklist : What is important in this check list, beyond the excellent break down of task is the RACI model to guarantee a smooth and efficient cooperation of the various participant. 
    • Responsible: The person who has to do it. (The doer).
    • Accountable: The person who makes the final decision and who has ultimate ownership of the task.
    • Consulted: The person who is consulted BEFORE a decision or action is taken.
    • Informed: The person who is informed that a decision or action is taken.
  • Hashiconf 16 : 2016 Hashi corp conference videos. For all the consul addict out there. 
  • Startup text rpg: Hillarious exchange of a text RPG style game where you are a Startup founder. Read the thread. 

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