Friday, October 14, 2016

[Links of the day] 14/10/2016 : Docker Infrakit , erasure Code for big-data and ARM research summit

  • InfraKit : docker answer to public cloud lock in. It allow devs to easily deploy their systems on various cloud infrastructure without code change. 
  • Erasure Coding for Big-data Systems : Phd Thesis of Rashmi Korlakai Vinayak on erasure code for very large data systems. The author analyse the requirement and provide potential solution allowing resource efficient distributaire storage codes . The authors looks at the various trade-off that can be used to guarantee durability while limiting ressource usage. 
  • ARM Research Summit 2016 : live blog of the keynotes, a lot of the research issue are similar to x86 one. Which can be worry some as ARM needs to be able to differentiate itself from Intel especially in the server market.

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