Wednesday, November 02, 2016

[Links of the Day] 02/11/2016 : Unik fast easy unikernel builder, Noms decentralized DB and dev books

  • Noms : decentralized database using GIT principle. There is some nice feature in there, such as content addressing (no duplicate), append only and last but not least : decentralized. Which means you can fork / merge, disconnect etc.. for seconds, hours or years. Like GIT, however i am not sure yet how they handle merge and conflict resolution.... 
  • Programming books : Good list of books for developers.
  • Unik : Tool by EMC to compile unikernels directly rather than going the binary route. Its nice to see an increased effort to facilitate unikernel adoption. Previously i talked about the effort. This is a slightly different approach here as it all to build unikernel in almost any langage using a tool chain as intuitive as docker. If this trend continue we might see a decline in container adoption with a move to unikernel. But its not for the short term as the optimisation cycle of the containers technology didn't fully kick in yet. [video] [slides]

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