Wednesday, November 09, 2016

[Links of the Day] 09/11/2016 : Deep Neural Net Threats, Scaling Uber, Tcp over Sound

  • Assessing Threat of Adversarial Examples on Deep Neural Networks : machine learning is the next frontier for hacker. And because of its inherent opacity it requires special capabilities to secure system that relies on this underlying technology. This paper show that for text driven classification, adversarial exemple are more an academic curiosity than a real threat. However, we need to see if this can be applied to other type of classification. 
  • Lesson learns about scaling Uber : Many talk are about scaling, however most company and startup would love to have those problems. Often its not about scaling, its about having the right product market fit. Then you can enjoy the roller coaster of scaling problems. 
  • Quiet : TCP over sound . This is really cool, it allows to pass data through speakers on android devices.

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