Friday, November 11, 2016

[Links of the Day] 11/11/2016 : Anonymous Trustless Bitcoin, Zap golang log lib, Intel RSA controller

  • ZeroCash : Trustless Bitcoin Tumbling, the authors proposed a pooled approach to anonymise transaction in Bitcoin. However the authors go a step further than just pooling. They popose a system where participant can anonymously check in and out resources from a global pool. Effectively creating an anonymous cooperative resource sharing infrastructure. [github] [Paper]
  • Zap : Fast, structured, leveled logging in Go. When you start to reach Uber or other hyperscale microservice architecture. Every aspect counts, and logs are everywhere. This library provide a high performance structure log for go. 
  • Scalable software controller : This controller basically allow to allocate on the fly hardware ressource, compute, memory storage, network based ont the demand of the deployment tool (openstack, k8, mesos, etc..) . 

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