Friday, November 18, 2016

[Links of the Day] 18/11/2016 : Extreme Scale OS, GPU Stream Benchmark, Neural Net that produce neural net

  • Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement Learning : Neural net that produce neural net. Cool thing is that the authors are able to beat human generated model for text processing and deliver equivalent performance for image processing model. Who needs human anymore.... 
  • Extreme-Scale Operating Systems : multi-OS research project at Intel aiming to be the node OS for HPC machine. Intel is trying to deliver a polymorphic OS that can quickly adapt to new software and hardware without the need for specialized solution like it exist commonly on high end HPC systems. To some extend it looks like the Jailhouse system. Where the HW is physically partitioned. A few core are dedicated for management, while the rest are partitioned and are running lightweight kernel (LWK) + application. Note that I really resent Intel for always trying to rename things that are commonly used. LWK are Unikernel dammit.. Anyway its jailhouse + unikernel for HPC. 
  • GPU-STREAM : Stream benchmark for GPU, much needed benchmark to understand and quantify memory transfer rate to from global memory device on GPUs.

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