Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[Links of the Day] 23/11/2016 : AMD Exascale vision, Hardware Resiliency myths and truths, MIT EmTech

  • Resiliency for Reliability– Myths and Truths : this slide deck provide an overview of the resiliency issue and how Intel tackle those for  hardware fault. From fans down to soft errors ( ex: neutron beam ... yes this can £%£ your system). The authors present the two type of approach , reactive and proactive handling of errors.
  • AMD's Exascale computing vision : Its all about 3d stacked chip with future interconnect. The interesting bit is the ROCM platform and the P2P multiGPU and P2P with RDMA. Slowly we are removing the need to have a full server to deploy GPU, one step closer to fully modular system with each resourced pooled and optimized in their own enclosure. Its a lot easier to design power supply, cooling system, etc.. When you do not have to deal with heterogeneous hardware with different power, and cooling profile ( cpu, memory , disk etc.. in the same enclosure).
  • MIT EmTech 16 : This year MIT EmTech is all about AI & machine learning ... reaching maximum hype in the domain

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